Saturday, September 22, 2012








Monday, September 3, 2012

Completed my WISHLIST

God is always good. Things may not go as you planned, but remember, there are always greater things to come

- Blackberry Bold 9900 
* I didn't have the intention on getting Bold 9900 or what they call Dakota on the first place, but there was no Torch 9810 left in Singtel and I got Dakota instead. It's a blessing, I really really love it.
- Sony Nex F3
* Did I ever plan to get this model? NEVER. Again, changes happened, every time.
- New Ipad
- Polaroid Camera

I'm lucky, I truly am! I'm so thankful and I will TRY my best not to complain so much.

You may have plans, but God knows what is best for you

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday Shop-venture!

I know I need to like update you guys with what's going on in my life now, but I really don't feel like writing about my 'life', instead, I'll entertain you with my shopping trip to BUGIS last Saturday.
I freaking bought lots of stuffs, which were freaking cheap and I was freaking happy. lol.

Anw, hold your breath and see what we (me and my sis) bought!

That was lots of nice stuffs I tell you, and all the money I spent was worth it. Gawd, that was just awesome.

So basically, I'll just give you brief list of what I had bought
- Lots of shirts and dresses, oh yeah.
- 3 pairs of SHOES. Yep, you read it correctly, THREE PAIRS
- 3 frames. I super love them..
- Pink purse! Time to change my purse *happy max*
- A mustache ring
- 2 belts

Oh yeah, and cos we spent more than 60+ on a single receipt on the 3rd floor of Bugis Street, we got 2 FREE "IMPERFECT" MOVIE TICKETS, 2 POLAROIDS, and A CARD HOLDER!
How cool was that?
It was really the best day since I came here, maybe cos I really haven't shopped for sometime. Oh and shopping in BUGIS STREET is one of the best cos everything's just so cheap!

We ended the night with MOVIE!
Watched Step Up 4 and that was fantastic! It was brilliant, I love the whole "MOB" thing and the main actor and actress are both cute.
Actually I wanted to go watch movie cos I was craving for popcorn, didn't expect the movie to be this great! lol

Life was amazing if you are doing what you want and what you like

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Chapter

Hi buddies, it's my last day here in Medan. I'm taking morning flight tomorrow to Singapore and stay there until my next holiday. A bit nervous (esp for the fact that I need to do medical check up. I HATE BLOOD-TEST!!). My life in Medan ends and my life in Singapore starts tomorrow. It's true the saying that an ending is another beginning.

I spent my last Sunday here with Kenneth and Cindy. Watched the Amazing Spiderman for the second time, still think Andrew Garfield is one hot guy, and am still in LOVE with the superhero act of Spidey!.
We had lunch then head home. Jeje was supposed to come with us, but she couldn't make it.
It was fun though.

I think I'm gonna miss my family most (my brother and mother). :(
I had lived with them for my whole life.
Hopefully I have lots of things to do there so I won't feel lonely.
I always hate good-byes..

It was Julie's birthday yesterday (07-07). As she is currently in States, I had to check the time before I could wish her a Happy Birthday. Anw, it was 2 p.m here when it's 7th July 00.00 there. So, here's 2 pics I sent her for her birthday!

I made the card myself and edited the pic with photoscape!
Isn't that blue emo super cute?

Took this pic using "Girls Camera" app on Ipad.
It has all this super cute neo-print deco. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving on with life

11 days left here.
I'm more excited than nervous, but on the same time scared. Er, of course I'll be scared. It's the first time \I'll be far from my mom. Well, not that 'far', but it isn't like I'm always going back here.
I have not done many preparation to be honest. Just slacking off everyday, cherishing last days of holiday, wondering when can I ever be this lazy again.
Surely life is full of changes, and most of us tend to avoid them. Changes suck big time seriously, but they happen and there's no way to prevent them from happening. You just don't and won't know what will happen in the next minute of your life. Just... be ready. Well, saying is way much easier than actually doing it.
Nah, I myself am not a person who's a hundred percent ready for changes. I don't even pass the 50% mark I tell you, but as I say, it happens.
Be prepared, loves =)

Last lunch with Julie on Monday. She's going to a country far from here to pursue her future and I wish her the best she can ever get. We have been friends for 3 years now and I'm not sure we'll stay the way we are when we meet again. People change you know? I'm just being rational and not hope too much.

L-R : Willy-Me-Julie

I recently found this cute emo stuffs on photoscape! I'm so late, yes, but I'm in love with the cute emo.. =D
Those photos were taken with my polaroid cam.
I'm gonna miss her a lot~! My 3 years desk-mate.! Good luck babe. 

By the way, I can finally cross out something from my gadget wishlist
- Blackberry Torch 9810
- New Ipad
- Olympus camera
- Polaroid cam 

2 more to go. Probably July! lol, wish me luck =)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alive Tour Singapore

Hey loves, I'm back~
Updating you guys with an amazing news, which is.. *drum rolls*
Say whattt? =D
Okay lah, maybe some of your guys aren't interested at all, but I don't care, I'm going to my first concert!

See? This is the confirmation e-mail! ><  I'm finally going to see them LIVE! I still can't believe I got the tickets. Ticket war is mad I tell you. I've been sitting in front of my laptop since 8 a.m. (the sales started at 10 a.m. Singapore time,which is 9 a.m. here). Refreshing the page until it's 10!!
And got two tickets (I'm going with my sis) at last. lol. What makes me even more nervous was that there's a limit of 10 minutes to complete the form and finished the payment!! =|


Now I just need to :
- memorize the fan-chant
- buy the light stick and merchandises.
- wait for the ticket to reach my sis place

P.S. Thank God they actually added another day for the concert. Got the 2nd day cos it's Saturday and my sis don't have to work. =D

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of MAY

MAY will be over in 1 day! Here comes .... JUNE. Who loves JUNE? I bet students do.
June = School Holiday
Anyway, I'm talking about May now, so let's look back to what I have done in MAY!

1. I have officially graduated from Senior High School!
Yay-ness! Graduated on 26th May 2012. No longer wearing uniform for good. ^^

2. I got a job! 
Told you guys I taught some kids Math and Physics! Now I no longer teach them as those kids have finished their final exam. Although it has only been a month, I surely will miss 'em. :')
P.S. I earned my first salary !!!

3. I was offered admission by NUS!
Blogged about this! I'm still so freaking happy.

4. I went on a holiday trip with my classmates!
Went to a 7days 6 nights trip to Singapore and KL. It's awesome! I would love to go another time.
P.S. Probably will blog something about this later when I have time.

So that's about all I have done in MAY. Best parts are number 2 & 3.
I hope June will be GREAT! If not AWESOME!